Sunday, August 31, 2003

I HATE waking up early.

Saturday, August 30, 2003

Men are Proof that women can take a joke
that was on a bumper sticker i saw today. nice dont you think?

ya so USC beet auburn 23-0. gooo trojans. yes we rule.
uhm for you other USC-ers, check out the college episodes of saved by the bell, the intro and all the little things between scenes are shots of USC.
Yeah i noticed it on TV today...oh and i watched like 5 80's/early 90's movies

did i mention they installed teh cable at the apartment. YES, INTERNET!

Friday, August 29, 2003

Cable internet gets installed tomorrow...YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. :does a little dance:

what else what else...hmm cut my hair, made brownies, you know life is good.

Thursday, August 28, 2003

Why is it that the more i learn about things the more i hate everything..the more i think that nothing works right, that everything is flawed and, well, sucks

explanation? when you dont understand how something works, as long as it works youre happy...if you figure it out you get so angry at the behind the scenes crap, how unreliable it is...everything. The more you learn about a persons habits etc the more you would see their faults. or thats how i work at least.

SAL is the main computer lab @ USC. This would be where i am right now wasting my life away as usual. I'm thinking that i'll be spending a LOT of time here this year, maybe even forming fond memories of the place. With my WONDERFUL MP3 CD player in hand i can waste endless hours at this place. (the CD thats in right now, track 87 is billie myers - kiss the rain. track 3? oh thats blur - boys and girls.) What more could i want than fast internet and good music? maybe a man, but thats negligable when the fast internet and good music are around. Booyah.

Ok pamela just snuck up behind me and almost scared me....almost.
Either way i hear that my side of the room has still not been vacated of her stuff....hmm she should get on that, lol :-p

I am utterly disappointed that blackboard isnt updated yet. What da hell man, ISD get your ass in gear.

oh and laugh at this, the computers here at USC, no they dont have diskette drives, no they dont have CD-r drives, no the only thing they DO have are zip drives. I'm once again disappointed. This just means that i have to buy one fo those coll USB memory things. Oh yeah. Techie to the max.


Wednesday, August 27, 2003

i just killed a giant fly walking on my desk. beat that bozo.

my eyeball hurts and like uhm yeah.

Tuesday, August 26, 2003

The UNgreek
So i guess i picked a REALLY popular GE class.
Today i casually stroll over to the classroom where my religions of latin america class is scheduled to be. As i get nearer i notice tons of ppl belonging to the greek system. I assume they are running some sort of rush activity. Hah! i was WRONG. thats right! ALLLLL of them were in my class, of a class of 200, maybe MAYBE 20 of us were ungreek. Did i mention they all wear t-shirts representing the sororrity or fraternity they are from.... Yes, i demand that i have a shirt that says "the UNgreek" and i want to give one to every other ungreek too, see how that makes me feel. muahahahaaaaaaaaa
yes, that was antigreek sentiment. get used to it.
(greek means sororrity/frat.)

Stupid So Big....I'll so big your face
so as of last night the virus had not figured out that i exist, it was well blissful.
I wake up this morning, open my e-mail account and become ecstatic that i have new e-mail and can read something. RIIGHT. Nothing to read, ALl of it so big virus shizzz. :growl:

Monday, August 25, 2003

who knew a day could be so long. 6am-12am jeebus, 18 hours.

Welcome to the first day of class!

Im bored already, who woulda thought.
lets see, who i saw today.
Anthony from HS.
Olivia, ex RHP.
Schenkman, exRHP/roommate.
Shir, erin, ex rhp.
pamela, roommate.

what classes did i have?
math 225: diff Equations
ITP 499: computer forensics.

about ITP, its 3 units, if you need 3 units, SIGN UP!

ok ok so im like 56 seconds off from posting on the 24th, boohoo.

today i went to what is ikea on a sunday (hell). hectic day running lots of errands to prepare for the MOVE.

class starts 2morrow. Wish me luck anyone? yeah post a comment!

Saturday, August 23, 2003

anyone hear my "our apartment is horrible and in the ghetto" speech? well you no longer have to hear it! We got a new one!!!! thats right, its in a better area (awesome) and NO roaches! move in soon....but not soon enough to be before classes, but in days, yes days.

i spent all morning /afternoon dealing with that...and then? (no and then!) i went to marina del ray cheese cake factory. For those of you that are famous person obsessed, the ppl sitting behind me were gucci models. So think about it, avocado eggrolls, cheese cake, and gucci models...what more could i want?


Friday, August 22, 2003

They paved paradise to put up a parking lot...oooh bop bop bop
i still have not packed. suprised? dont be.

it amazes me what horrible people exist, and how many stupid people there are...i mean hasnt anyone chlorinated the gene pool lately?
Scum, the world is full of scum.
Who can you trust when even the relatives want to see you down?

Thursday, August 21, 2003

These will be my silent tears.

in the meanwhile you can look at this.

Wednesday, August 20, 2003

School? Soon? No way man...
OK, so i'm in denial. Do you blame me? Stay home and sleep, or move to school, start class, forget what the concept of sleep is, and do a lot of work?
Class starts the 25th, yes only a few days away, and i HAVENT EVEN PACKED. I'm fighting it, i don;t want this all to happen, I LIKED SUMMER. Anyway while i go struggle with this whole idea of giving up my free time, check this out. it is awesomeness.

Tuesday, August 19, 2003

Improvements?? Where??
Ok, so lately i've been totally bent to improve my site and make it wonderful etc in hopes of getting more traffic...
I looked around on-line and figured a few things i could do, you know the tagboard. Then i figured out how to create links so you could link directly to one post (see the permalink at the end of the post). Still not good enough, seems tagboard is bad with free users and isnt up all that often so i got a commenting system so you can leave comments for each post.
Now you can interact with the page, you can link to it.....but i dont have enough traffic so theres no point!!
I came across this silly article that said that if you want more traffic you should talk about sex. Thats a cheap way to get users but uhm see they will come here to look for topics on sex, tips no sex, etc but when they get here they'll be incredibly disappointed, and do i really want disappointed users checking my site? nah...

Aside from that, i have a question WHY in hell is vancouver airport called YVR? What does YVR stand for???
But i have to say they have the best security i've ever seen, those vancouver canadians.

Monday, August 18, 2003

WANTED: A loving caring older sibling.
Yeah, so i've decided the perfect thing to have would be an older sibling.
Its the perfect balance cetween parents and friends.
parents care and protect but are unreasonable.
friends want to have fun but will do it at your expense.

an older sibling would be protective and fun and you could get advice from them. Yes i want an older sibling. Those under the age of 21 need not apply.
Will you be my older sibling?

Sunday, August 17, 2003

While Recovering from the cruise. I sat and watched TV all day.

This is probably the only leisure day i'm going to have for a LONG time.
I'm starting to move, and we all know that's a disaster...On the 25th my semester starts and based on how many classes im taking, things look hectic. Wish me luck.

Man those eastcoast blackouts must have been wonderful for those who like the "candle light" mood thing....but all the poor computer geeks, I'm sorry.

Ohh, i just remembered. I've promised a few people that there would be pictures coming up on the site, or at elast some links to pictures. Yeah this might take a little longer than expected. I havent figured out how i want to do this, but the best way would be to get a hosting service etc, and for that i would need an income. Until then, you'll just have to make requests and i can send you the pictures you want.
Aside from that i also realized that this site is getting real messy. I'm going to figure out some way you can click to certain dates. that way you can go "hmm i wonder what monica did on the 5th". Also maybe organize some of these posts by topic...Yes all coming sometime in the future. We hope.

Saturday, August 16, 2003

Traveling is officially poopifying.
poopifying? when i got to my house i said i was pooped, so i was poopified. Understand? Good.

so i went car, taxi, plane, bus, boat, mini boat, mid boat, mini boat, boat, bus, taxi, car.
complicated enough. it Sure confused me.

Cruise was awesome.
wait, let me back up a step, or 4.
I went on vacation, took a cruise to Alaska. Was on the RCCL ship radiance of the seas.
I'm not a big cold weather fan, but alaska treated me pretty well, even had nice sunny warm days.
lets see howd that whole cruise thing go?
ok, so i was in a cabin with my family. Generally being in such a small space with the parents and tanya drives one crazy. Yes, it did.
Our waiter and asst waiter were awesome. our head waiter didnt speak to us, its ok, no tip for him. The cabin woman was awesome, she even left us a thank you note.
Teen program: hmmmmm, the teens were so/so. you know ive had better groups but they were ok, there were a few that i had a good time with.
One of the staff members in charge of the teen program was awesome, that fixed the lack of good teenness.

More Later.
E-mail sortin now.

Yes, I was on strike.
The cruise dd have satellite internet, and i DID use it...but strike means i didn't update the blog.
Now I officially un-strike-ify myself.


Friday, August 08, 2003

On Strike

Tag and e-mail and MAYBE just MAYBE i'll unstrike. You know after i drink a lot of water.

i payed yet another visit to the emergency room.
Oh yeah, we all know my life is WAY exciting.

Don't step on my blue suede shoes, No I'm serious.

The Rooster watch from hell
History: like 5 years ago i won this watch, its huge for a watch, half of it is a speaker, its alarm clock is the sound of a rooster. its obnoxiously loud. If you perss a certain button it says the time. I had put it in a drawer long ago and forgotten about it, UNTIL this morning.
since i don't feel like retyping it, heres what happened (i was telling ahmed so this is a copy paste).

The Event
MoN: ok so i woke up this morning at 9:25
MoN: to the sound of an electronic rooster
MoN: and beeping
sultorn: lol
MoN: i get pissed off and trace the sound to an OLD watch i won somewhere forever ago
sultorn: bahhaaha
MoN: no matter what i press the watch won't shutup
MoN: so i decide that if i stick it in a cup of water, the non-waterproofed watch should SHUTUP
MoN: i fill a cup with water put it in
MoN: and still hear it going
MoN: frustrated i leave my room to go eat.
sultorn: LOL
MoN: i come back and its silent so i think "ok good now i can throw it out"
MoN: i pull it out of the water
MoN: coocooleekoooo beep beep
MoN: of course i'm steamed again
MoN: and i put some boiling water in the cup and put the watch in.
sultorn: hahaha
sultorn: LOL
MoN: still no silence
MoN: i get angrier
sultorn: lol
MoN: i use my knife to break off the back
MoN: and find that i CANNOT remove the battery
MoNT: it is welded in
MoN: fine, i stick it in the water again
MoN: thinking "exposed electronics, it WILL die"
MoN: of course, it does not turn off,
sultorn: LOL
MoN: at this point i felt like that friends episode where phoebe cant get the smoke detector to stop beeping (even when she smashes it into many peices and removes the batteries)
sultorn: hahahha yea
MoN: ya so i get really angry
MoN: pick my kinfe up and am PRYING the battery out
sultorn: haha
MoN: it finally comes LOOSE
MoN: and it was still making noise
sultorn: lmao
MoN: so i used my knife to yank the whole thing out and i cut the wires to the speakers
sultorn: hahahha
MoN: and finally the damn rooster DIED and shut up
sultorn: haha
sultorn: victory!
MoN: yes finally. damn thing.

a dull night SAVED!
So my original plans for the night got canceled, and though sleeping was a great alternative i made things a little more exciting.
Went to the mall, did some shopping...Had erin meet me at the mall, and then he and i met up with lori. Saw Freaky Friday @City Walk.
Freaky Friday= A-

not a bad night, not bad at all.
It definately helped knowing that im rid of that math class.

Thursday, August 07, 2003

some people are so eshanine man.
Who says "i want to see you before you leave" and then doesnt want to see you?
see, thats my point. makes no sense.

so ive discovered that
A. theres no food in the house
B. i cant sleep when they are moving things around in the kitchen.
C. Brandy by Looking Glass is always going to be one of my ultra favorite songs
D. people just arent as honest as i am.
E. Even after taking a final you'll worry about it.
F. If i was just a little eviler the world would be nicer.
G. Chocolate is my god. Chocolate is my savior. I the only thing im ever going to love is chocolate.
H. Even though i have many pocket knives, i will never have enough so taht theres always one nearby when i need it.
I. Some people just CANT dirve. And they will always be on the road right next to me.
J. If i stand my phone up, and vibrate is on, it will do a little dance.
K. When i get nervous, stressed, angry, or emotional at back tenses up and my eyelid will start twitching (last time it was my undereye).
L. Sometimes nothing will satisfy me. (chocolate not included)
M. My intuition is ALWAYS right, and next time i WILL listen to it.
N. Somethings will never be explained, and you jsut have to deal.
O. Usually when there isnt a clear ending to things, i get frustrated. Revenge comes to mind.
P. My sense of humor is my fuel, without it i'd be in a gutter, Dead.
Q. Good friends, like good shoes, are hard to come by.
R. I love my car.
S. I want a pet, a pet wouldnt leave me unless i did something to it.
T. Time sucks. It never does what i want it to. During class it DRAGS, during fun times it SPEEDS past.
U. Don't get ready, whatever it is you're getting ready for, its not happening. It'll happen when you're NOT ready. Go get unready.
V. 6:30am is not my favorite time to wake up.
W. There is always tons of traffic. No getting away from it. Its LA for Pete's sake.
X. There indeed is a good reason why i never get attached to anyone.
Y. I expect too much, even from myself.
Z. Sleep, i love sleep.

maybe if i was reassured then i'd be ok.

aside from that i took the final today. yeah thats it.
howd i do? it doesnt matter, you dont care anyway.

Wednesday, August 06, 2003

today: studying for final.

Tuesday, August 05, 2003

T.N.T. for the brain

find the song, find the lyrics, the prize is within itself.

SO everyone notice how the 80's seem to be coming back?
It makes me cring and think "but why? why would you put us through the torture again? wasnt the bad music and clothing distasteful enough the first time around??"
[Nirvana and such bands are excluded form that bad music category, so is Top Gun the movie, if it was made in the 80's, i dont know. Back off]

Yes, i vote to REJECT the Re-80's movement, and move on to something not another 70's repeat.

and no, my converses are not 80's. sshhh psssshhhhht go go away

on the brightside, i think i made some progress in our so called "apartment problems".


Added the Tag-Board. Someone test it for me.

someone up there hates me but oh how i love my car.
its clean, it got washed.
i love it.
it makes pretty sounds.

Monday, August 04, 2003

im so flippin pissed off.

i swear someone up there just hates me and wants me to be inconvinienced at allll times. Bastards.

i REALLY wanted a banana yesterday, and i mean REALLY. So i went to the market and bought some, and the banana craving was taken care of.

Today i REALLY want chocolate. Specifically See's chcocolate. Specifically the see's bordeaux bar. Even more specifically, THIS, THIS IS WHAT I WANT!

For those of you wondering about the prize. You know you people who are NOT selfless and want to make sure you'll get something in return.

Basically the prize will be custom tailored" for who ever wins. Again, male applicants only. Schenkman need not
I know that for one person the prize will be lip sucking good.

i took yet another test.
blasted tests.
i'll let you know later how i did.

anyway 2 days of class left, and then the final, and then im free of this plague. For a short while at least.

Sunday, August 03, 2003

wish me luck on my test.

oh yeah any man who can leave me a voicemail of him playing no doubt's dont speak on guitar...will win a prize.

ok, so YES i am a lyric WHORE. I can find a song/set of lyrics to fit every single moment of my life, and when i dont feel like explaining it i just post the lyric.
monica <---Lyric WHORE

Saturday, August 02, 2003

oh and as pamela said today "but when we get back to the apartment...STUDIOUS! we will be studious"

We'll try pamela, yes we will.

"And I miss you - like the deserts miss the rain"

I'm rating this weekend an A+!
Yes its been an awesome weekend.
party yesterday, excitmenet today.
"This aint nothing but a summerjam"

Went to a party at Nairi's yesterday. Had lots of fun. Good crowd, good food, etc.
yes it was a good night.

Friday, August 01, 2003

This song loosely defined my whole HS know minus the burning down of the house...

Not my Idea

I bit my tongue and stood in line
With not much to believe in
I bought into what I was sold
And ended up with nothing

This is not my idea of a good time
This is not my idea of a good time
This is not my idea of a good time
This is not my idea

You thought that I would never see
What was meant for you was meant for me
I was distracted at the time
Forget about yours now what about mine

This is not my idea of a good time
This is not my idea of a good time
This is not my idea of a good time
This is not my idea

You thought I was a little girl
You thought I was a little mouse
You thought you'd take me by surprise
Now I'm here burning down your house (this is not my idea)

This is not my idea of a good time
This is not my idea of a good time
This is not my idea of a good time
This is not my idea

(by: Garbage)