Sunday, November 30, 2003

whats with the sudden fascination with meril bainbridge????

ya so today, i ate at cheesecake, saw Cat in the hat (Grade: B), got in a minor car accident (i wasnt driving), and thats about it.

Dude i wouldnt sleep in an ice hotel, would you??

Saturday, November 29, 2003

hey, my name is Stuff

Friday, November 28, 2003

So i begin

alrriiight, so when you're bored, or avoiding work what should you do? what? thats right! update your blog....

and we all know i'm ALWAYS avoiding work. Healthy, i know.

lets review:
wednesday: came home, asw producers.

thursday: slept till 1, went to grandma's, had thanksgiving dinner, came home, slept.

friday/today: woke up at 5:15, went to bestbuy at 5:50, wow that was a lot of ppl, wow. came home at 8:20, got back in bed, slept till 11. Woke up got dressed, went to burbank, ate, saw haunted mansion(A-/B+) not the greatest, but not bad either...AND NOW here i am, i should shower etc because i'm partying later tonight. or if im not getting ready i should do work...
shoulda woulda coulda....but DIDNT.

So i End

are you sexy? by jeska
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Thursday, November 27, 2003

Happy Thanksgiving

on a side note...
a) if youre reading my blog, i suggest you go to your internet explorer toolbar, view -> text Size-> Medium
(or smaller depending on your resolution). i just makes life easier on

b) i saw The Producers last night. It was good, it was funny....but i hope to never go to little old lady land...unless they are handing out scholarships.

c)i am happy, are you?

Wednesday, November 26, 2003


its been so cold outside these past few days that it makes it practically impossible to want to go outside and get to class...

we needed heated sidewalks man, heated sidewalks. or at least a heater in our apartment, lol.

Tuesday, November 25, 2003

I cut my finger...With my knife... :-(

robust bookw0rm: oh yeah dude I read that in ur blog!!
robust bookw0rm: what were you doing with a knife??
MoNTaN85: ugh
MoNTaN85: so there's our vacuum
robust bookw0rm: uh huh
MoNTaN85: and me and Pamela were vacuuming
MoNTaN85: ok she was vacuuming and I was watching
MoNTaN85: and it wasn't working
MoNTaN85: so I took it and turned it over and it was clogged with hair
MoNTaN85: the bristle
robust bookw0rm: OMG so you got a knife
MoNTaN85: so I take out my knife and were cutting the hairs off
robust bookw0rm: and tried taking it out?
robust bookw0rm: ahhhh
MoNTaN85: and then halfway through
MoNTaN85: my left hand slipped into the knife

Monday, November 24, 2003

...and the most beautiful song ever...

You Look So Fine

You look so fine
I want to break your heart
And give you mine
You're taking me over

It's so insane
You've got me tethered and chained
I hear your name
And I'm falling over

I'm not like all the other girls
I can't take it like the other girls
I won't share it like the other girls
That you used to know

You look so fine

Knocked down
Cried out
Been down just to find out
I'm through
Bleeding for you

I'm open wide
I want to take you home
We'll waste some time
You're the only one for me

You look so fine
I'm like the desert tonight
Leave her behind
If you want to show me

I'm not like all the other girls
I won't take it like the other girls
I won't fake it like the other girls
That you used to know

You're taking me over
Over and over
I'm falling over
Over and over

You're taking me over
Drown in me one more time (Over and over)
Hide inside me tonight (I'm falling over)
Do what you want to do (Over and over)
Just pretend happy end (You're taking me over)
Let me know let it show (Over and over)

Ending with letting go (I'm falling over)
Ending with letting go
Ending with letting go

Let's pretend, happy end
Let's pretend, happy end
Let's pretend, happy end
Let's pretend, happy end

The WheelChair Incident: Magic foot

MoNTaN85: haha disneyland
MoNTaN85: i was walking
MoNTaN85: and talking to some1 then i flew up into the air
MoNTaN85: and landed some 5 feet away
MoNTaN85: stumbled did a strange dance and exclaimed "IM OK"
MoNTaN85: my aunt said "apologize" so i turn around to see 4 ppl looking at me wide eyed
MoNTaN85: i said im sorry and walked off
MoNTaN85: turns out
MoNTaN85: i asked every1 else what happened because i had no idea)
MoNTaN85: i tripped over the footpedal of a wheelchair
MoNTaN85: and stepped on it launching me up about a foot
gjtorik: was someone IN the wheelchair?
MoNTaN85: while in the air my knee hit the face of a little boy next to the wheelchair
MoNTaN85: (yes a sleeping girl who i woke up)
MoNTaN85: the wheelchair rolled abck and hit the person pushing it
MoNTaN85: and the small boy was shoved backwards and hit theperson behind him
MoNTaN85: and i stumbled and nothing happened
MoNTaN85: and i said im sorry but they were in such shock they couldnt say anything

Sunday, November 23, 2003

Make no mistake my friends, USC WON.

but acccoriding to my grandmother..USC played (football) against the lakers and lost LOL

ok lets recap:
monica->Disneyland->cold->USC won->windy->fastpass shuffle-> cold seats -> please remain seated-> the wheelchair incident.

explanations come later

Saturday, November 22, 2003

Its soo windy.....soo windy....

oh, word of advice, don't try to shower to wake up....I kept closing my eyes and falling asleep in the shower, I'm surprised I didn't fall and break something.

...trojan pride...

Friday, November 21, 2003

Went to EDGE last night, definately not as exciting as it should have been....and i didnt even win the raffle!

Wednesday, November 19, 2003

wow, those russians......

michael jackson has to not be on the news, so i can watch TV again.

Tuesday, November 18, 2003

In response to the tagboard.

peek-peek: secret armenian indergarten ritual i will not explain to you non-armenians...BAHAHAHAHAAA

no erin it has nothing to do with altar boys or catholic priests.

shir, about the character limit, if you want to leave longer comments you can leave comments under each of my posts. i dont think theres a character limit there. You can just tag and say you left comments, hah.

Yes, stalker, speaking would be good.....LOL

Monday, November 17, 2003

Peek Peek Heaven

WickyVixen: i wanted to take their name badges...flip them over..expose the pin...and "peek peek" them....armenian kindergartner style....and tear their eyes out
WickyVixen: did u ever "peek peek"?
MoNTaN85: yes i did
MoNTaN85: hahaha
WickyVixen: omg wasnt it the bessssssssssstttt???
MoNTaN85: it brought back strange memories
WickyVixen: if they made us peek peek now...i'd be so stressless....
MoNTaN85: lol peek peek their little eharts out
WickyVixen: lol
MoNTaN85: hahah stressless
WickyVixen: why did the teachers call it that?
WickyVixen: yessssssss.. i mean
MoNTaN85: dude, did all armenian teachers call ti peek peek?
MoNTaN85: its so odd
WickyVixen: if life were only about peek peeking
WickyVixen: we'd all be very happy people
MoNTaN85: you would be a peek peek god?
WickyVixen: i would be eat, drink, crap, peek peek, sleep....that would be life
MoNTaN85: we're on the same wavelength here, im just a few cycles behind.
WickyVixen: hahahahah
WickyVixen: like if we were a cat
WickyVixen: in a nice home
MoNTaN85: can you peek peek while you crap?
WickyVixen: how (*#@(*#@)(#82 awesome would that be
WickyVixen: ooooooo yes u can
WickyVixen: but like
MoNTaN85: *sigh* yes
WickyVixen: u need a hard surface
WickyVixen: and....u can try to use ur knees
WickyVixen: but it might be difficult
MoNTaN85: ouch
WickyVixen: lol
WickyVixen: peek bleed peek bleed
MoNTaN85: we could mass market portable peek peek boards
WickyVixen: OMG
WickyVixen: and make like...funky colored boards
MoNTaN85: it would be like light bright, but not.
WickyVixen: "personalize your peek peek board"
MoNTaN85: buahahaha
WickyVixen: peek peek competitions
WickyVixen: ohhhhhhhhhhh the joyyy
MoNTaN85: peek peek retreats
MoNTaN85: and conferences
WickyVixen: OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! peek peek benefit concerts
MoNTaN85: peek peek clothing lines
WickyVixen: with holes
WickyVixen: and a portable peek peek
MoNTaN85: peek peek universities
WickyVixen: LOL
MoNTaN85: peek peek kits
WickyVixen: OMG the teachers peek peek ur grades
WickyVixen: LOL
MoNTaN85: and a peek peek amusement park
WickyVixen: hellll yessssssssssssss
MoNTaN85: ...peek peek heaven....
WickyVixen: but first....we have to invest in a book that explains all the cool ways of peek peeking..that's the first step
MoNTaN85: and the history of it
WickyVixen: unleash our knowledge
WickyVixen: yes
WickyVixen: YESSSS
MoNTaN85: armenian kindergarten teachers and their influence on peek peek history
WickyVixen: is it only an armo tradition?
WickyVixen: i wonder..
MoNTaN85: we'll make it armo
MoNTaN85: we'll ignore the hryas even if they do do it
MoNTaN85: armo pride lol
WickyVixen: they can't be a part of our peek peek kingdom....

Have any of you ever wanted to sneeze during a dentist appointment?
isn't it the most disturbing thing ever? The whole time i was thinking "don't sneeze, don't sneeze, if you do start sneezing what guaranteest they'll get their tools and hands out of your mouth fast enough...what if you get snot on them, what if you bite down and the drill a hole in the side of your mouth.."

ya i didn't sneeze but jeezzz what if i did?

artist of last week? Ace of Base.
artist of this week? ATB

So i didnt win the lottery....

Sunday, November 16, 2003

Ah those liberal arts bright

Saturday, November 15, 2003

last night went out with friends for birthday festivities. it was awesome. we even saw mcfly!

thanks everyone who came :-)

Friday, November 14, 2003

last night i wen to bed at 4 and slept till 7.
tonight i am getting to bed at :looks at clock: 5:05 am and will get up by 9.

i need more sleep man.

Thursday, November 13, 2003

Take On Me
You're "Take on Me" by A-ha.

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thanks jess for quizes
What Makes You Sexy? by eva71
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LOL, so i went to take this dreaded midterm, and as i read the header of the Midterm....well let me type it out fro you, you'll understand.
"Religions of Latin America Midterm
(Given in Honor of M's BDAY)"

yup that made my day, having 220 kids read that at the top of their midterm....

thanks prof. Roberto Lint Sagarena

me and the word midterm do not get along, at all. ESPECIALLY when the word midterm comes between me and my sleep. Oh how i hate midterms, HATE.

Wednesday, November 12, 2003

I feel very sorry for anyone walking through the rain wearing glasses. So sorry.


yes so birthday festivities are on FRIDAY. friday NIGHT.
sorry shir, saturday kinda sucks for a bunch of other that schedule.

those of your with cars, bring them.

ok so whos in?


this week = hell;

monday: class, ee hw with leo.

tuesday: class, more hw.

today: it seems, no sleep.

Tuesday, November 11, 2003

Laura made me Brownies yesterday for my birthday (though it was pre birthday). they were wonderful. Thank you Laura, you are awesome.

Monday, November 10, 2003

Dear USCers

Pamela saw a rat in 32nd market.

just giving you a heads up.

hm, does anyone know where there are good on-line games, besides and yahoo.

i'm bored waiting for lab to start with no games. so disappointing.

Sunday, November 09, 2003

stupid employee...
So this is the conversation i had with a best buy employee on the phone this morning after being advised by ben to call in and see if mario kart was comin in early...
Me: dial, ring (x7) click
employee1: "Hello, multimedia."
Me: "Hi yeah i was wondering" CLICK "well thanks for hangin up on me bimbo"

Me: dial ring (x12) click
employee2: "hello best buy"
Me: *wow she sounds old* "hi, yeah i was wondering when you would be getting a video game, Mario kart double dash for Gamecube"
e2: "hm, let me check, hold"
Me: *this hold music sucks ass* 5 minutes later
e2: "hello, what game was that? "
Me: "double dash mario kart"
e2: "and thats for playstation 2"
Me: "NO its from gamecube"
e2: "oh ok let me check, hold"
Me: *nooo not the hold music* 7 minutes later...
e2: "hello? yes we dont have it in right now"
Me: "i know that, i just wanted to know when you were getting it!"
e2: "oh in a few weeks"
Me: "i know when the erlease date it, its in a little over a week, i just want to know when YOU will be getting it"
e2: "oh we dont know when we get things"
Me: "oh they just show up magically? you dont know when you get things"
e2: "well shipments are usually on tuesdays and thursdays"
Me: "thats wonderful, so can you look on the computer to see when this game comes in?"
e2: "no we dont know how to do that"
Me: "we? or you?"
e2: "i dont"
Me: "thats wonderful, thank you for your help, buh bye"

yes i admit i was HORRIBLE at the end, but she pissed me off. stupid airhead old lady.

Saturday, November 08, 2003

sooo, i wanted to go out with leo this weekend but my mother, and my hw got in the way of things. *sigh* theres always later i guess.

lets see, so i have hw coming out of my vorig. theres so much that i need to do its trying to eat my pretty little life up. I think i'm going to do hw in front of the TV at least its "multi tasking".

ohhh, so i'll be updating the "intro to characters" portion of my sub soon. Its slightly, no not slightly, REALLY outdated. w00t for updates man.

hehe, i would have been cold if i was him


yeah, so jsut to let you guys know, I -in my mind- have decided i want to do something for my birthday on either friday or saturday night, depending on my comp sci hw. Anyone interested in participating, keep yourself free-ish, and tell me that you're interested. oh yeah and get your car ready.

Friday, November 07, 2003

Me and pamela have played ace of base - hey darling like non stop for the last day/night.
we should be able to sing the whole thing with our ears closed.

So after class today i went to the IMC meeting. It ha sgreat potential but needs someone to take control of it...say leo and me.

after that we found shir and went to the row and got in n out burgers, ate at leo's then came back to my place and shir stuck around till late and we joked around and i did a lot of stupid things. shoulda been there man.

Thursday, November 06, 2003

listen to ace of base - hey darling

its awesome

yeah so my day wasnt too shabby, i went to class, took a nap during my break etc

swamy said "your mom"
well he said it in a sentence but you know i want to make fun of him.

Wednesday, November 05, 2003

D00d, lets go to hawaii.

and jenny, there is absolutely no need to have different words for then and than, its a waste of brainpower! If enough ppl start just using then we can take over the world and delete than and be done with it.
No more than.


I was requested to put up the birthday list here it is.
BUT as a warning i don't know if anyone has already decided to get me you know you may want to talk to ppl so you don't double gift. (like say, my roommates)

here we go.
-Sees chocolate (a box of THESE would be perfect)
-a fake ID
-cheesecake, dinner at cheesecake factory
-any of the imported Sash CD's (yes an original copy, not a bootleg)
-an original copy of the Garbage version 2.0 CD
-original copies of all the garbage singles (b-sides)
-another box of those sees chocolates...
-original copy of the sneaker pimps CD (not becoming X, the other album)
-original copy of the newest matchbox 20 album
-original Ace of Base CD's I dont know whats on what album so i can't request.
-original copy of A-ha Minor earth album (i think maybe my aunt is getting that? maybe)
-Mario kart for game cube (parents are getting?)
-something original and fun you'd like to get me so i can procrastinate MORE. but not the page-a-day illusions calendar, i already took the liberty of getting that for my self.
-a birthday activity. say bowling, or out gallivanting or SOMETHING.
-home baked cookies.
-a good cup of coffe, or to go out to coffee, i haven't done that in forever and 3 minutes.
-smirnoff ice/black (this is on the bottom of the list for a reason)

no the list is not in a particular order EXCEPT the last one, thats on the bottom for a reason.

*yawn* I'm so tired. I'm wondering why they haven't posted the new studio diaries for garbage...Did they take a few weeks off again without telling us? I want to take a few weeks off. Hey lets all take a few weeks off, you know go to Fiji, have fun. MAN I'm hungry, I wonder what lunch should be today....... Cheese? Yeah cheese.

LOL, so all of yesterday I was talking about how I wanted cream of broccoli soup. I just realized that it was in my dream too. I had t eet this guy somewhere so he could tell me my new mission (reoccuring, its happened before, same guy but he had long hair this time, i guess its been a while since the last time i saw him?). i met him at some food place next to a park and guess what i ate? cream of broccoli! mmmm i want some.

Tuesday, November 04, 2003

dude i dont think anyone is home, me and pamela are alone, shes playing enrique on her computer. we're looking at his arms. eh not much to see..

Monday, November 03, 2003

Today's away message
"i hate this day. HATE IT. i want to kill it and send it to hell where they
burn days into ashes and then feed them to ugly slimey things. this day is

I'm in lab, and a guy just sat down next to me and he has a "UCLA SPIRIT!" bag.....
uhm, i think hes confused. Wrong campus buster, get outtaaa here.

also the 2 guys looking at girls sports rosters are here again, looking at them again.


Pirates of the Caribbean!

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what the hell color is your heart?

Your Heart is Red

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Sunday, November 02, 2003

whats my element

Your element is Earth. I hate to say it but you are
down to earth. Stubborn and loyal. You tend to
want to nurture others and you are the one
person friends always come to for awnsers.
Without people like you others would be flying
over the edge because, whether you know it or
not you keep a steady beat to your life and
will end up where you want to in the end. There
is a sureness about you that is hard to match
that draws people to you. No matter what
happens the Earth keeps turning.

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thank you erin.

Saturday, November 01, 2003

1. i want a-ha's "minor earth" album

2. you know what i hate?
dumb people

you know what i hate more?
irresponsible people

you know what i hate EVEN more?
inconsiderate people

and you know what i hate the most?
all of the above people.

"Summer moved on
And the way it goes
You can't tag along"

such a beautiful song, wonderful lyrics.....
and summer did move on, its cold outside, last ngiht it rained and i got soaked while walking home with leo. Atleast i had my hooded jacket, he had nothing....

yeah so this is my 5 minutes out of my hole for the week. I have a lot fo work to do, and have been doing a lot work...kind of like hiding under a rock. my 5 minutes of seeing the sun before i dive back in to get the rest of it done.

i have tons to say, but no time to say it...maybe when im procrastinating later tonight.