Saturday, January 31, 2004

Yesterday was a LONG day. Enjoyable, but LONG.

aside from the regular classes, quizes, and homework...i had my microsoft interview and then at night a formal invite. it was all wonderful and i had an awesome time but boy was i tired at the end of the day.

fun game where a snowman hits penguins, like baseball

my high score is 587.2

Thursday, January 29, 2004

So i have officially lost every single pound i gained freshman year. IN YOUR FACE FRESHMAN 15!

Wednesday, January 28, 2004

you know your day isn't going well when you sneeze your forhead right into the corner of your desk. Aparently my day isn't going well.

me: Dude they dyed the monkeys!
Pamela: At least the monkeys didn't die
me: wait until 2morrows pics...where the monkeys are sprawled on the ground...

Dude, so i sneezed and the kleenex boxes toppled out of my closet. how....perfect.

Tuesday, January 27, 2004

I have an interview with MICROSOFT! Not today but soon.

i wont get the job but who cares.

Monday, January 26, 2004

What do they eman by destroyed? who's going to smoke it?

Sunday, January 25, 2004

I miss Mr. Kiley.

What i'm thought of

LecheConQuik: i think you're fucking hilarious. you tickle my funny bone with things that from anyone else wouldnt be funny

LecheConQuik: you're really smart, but you procrstinate somtimes too. like last year, when you'd put off programming until ben had to do it for you...=-O

LecheConQuik: you're like rock-encrusted candy....hard to crack but sweet on the inside

LecheConQuik: like you put up this front like you're all tough, but on the inside you're a total softy..probably more than most

LecheConQuik: tough love

LecheConQuik: i thought about this once, and i think out of all of us, you'll make the best mom
LecheConQuik: you're strong enough to be tough on them
LecheConQuik: but not too much =)

LecheConQuik: sometimes you're a bit unforgiving
LecheConQuik: like, if someone pisses you off you stay pissed longer than most people
MoNTaN85: like schenk and the milk? lol

LecheConQuik: oh, and i think you're gorgeous

LecheConQuik: so yeah, in conclusion, you're hot, you crack me up, and i see as candy, really really hard candy

Saturday, January 24, 2004

Its the little things that matter
..and i pay attention and appreciate the little things very much. thank you, for the little things.

Friday, January 23, 2004

first day of volleyball class and already injured! yup, i burst a blood vessel in my arm and they wouldnt let me play anymore i had to sit and ice my arm.

so about 2 weeks ago my landlord took out all the carpet from the ground floor of our building (entrance, mailbox area etc) and apparently all that meant was that we are going with that cement floor look that i hate....

this is just like the way he fixed my cabinet door....he took it off.

Wednesday, January 21, 2004

Listen you crazy kids take those scrubs and RETURN THEM TO THE HOSPITAL!

though shalt not beat up the manager of the restaurant.

she was horrible, hunting everyone down, kicking people out.....horrible.

"and you, did you suffer much? did you close your eyes to see the night rush on by?"
-moist - "breathe"

MoNTaN85: i swear i do more reading of page numbers than the actual pages

its ok if they laugh at me, i like the sound of laughter.

Tuesday, January 20, 2004

I went to mammoth this weekend, and had an awesome time. Went skiing for the first time ever, and did great, went on the beginner slopes twice :-D.

Friday, January 16, 2004

next time, we should just sit, or sleep. no more active things.

Theres people in life who always put themselves out there on a limb, and they like it, they want to know what happens, they don't mine jeopardizing themselves...

I am NOT one of those people. Its hard for me to put myself out there, and when I do I shake and shiver and get very scared, but sometimes I do it anyway, when I think its a worthy cause (or a worthy person in this case) I do it, and cross my fingers hoping not to go crashing down. There have been cases where ive gone crashing down, and been miserable, but I lived. On better occasions my putting myself out there was just unnoticed and I just crawled back without a change. On wonderful occasions I went out there and was rewarded for it. These are the best, it feels so worth doing it almost makes those falls go unnoticed.

today I seem to think putting myself out there was worth it. I hope things stay this way. I don't mind being "exposed", not to this person at least.

Thursday, January 15, 2004

haha you have to see this video me and shir found.... JAPENESE PING PONG

(Japanese, Japenese...same thing)

Thats right kids learn to SPELL!

Tuesday, January 13, 2004

I have some funny quotes from my first 2 days of school......

"Part I is going to focus on the motion of “things” such as balls"
~Physics book

"This class is like taking 5 lbs of shit and trying to fit it into a 2 lb bag"
~Prof Cunningham from MUIN275

"To bend is like to bend"
~asian prof (i cant spell her name) for csci480

I have one word for you my friend, just one word, "NURBS".

classes have started....seems they want me to die.

Monday, January 12, 2004

Wait maybe i should drink my coffee before i get into this... :takes a few sips:
Allow me to express my annoyances.... about those who basically camp out at places like starbucks.
Everytime i go to the starbucks next to my apartment (or any other starbucks for that matter) practically every table is taken by somebody who decide to make starbucks their office/library. GET OUT!!!! I came in to by coffee, sit down at a table, and drink my coffee!!!! what is this Mr. look at my shiny laptop and Miss don't come near my table cuz i have 4 very thick books. No see, they created places for you to do your work, they are called LIBRARIES. Aside from libraries there are you know, your homes, classrooms, etc. Why must you come, and take over my coffee sipping station and turn it into your starbucks office/"private" sanctuary?

fine if starbucks is empty sit there, but I mean usually theres a line out the door but everyone buying coffee cant stay because what? oh yeah, your book took up 3 ppl spaces and one table. thanks.

haha, talk about cranky. Oh yeah, i forgot, the coffee was decaf.

Sunday, January 11, 2004

This is exactly what i think of most paintings too

Saturday, January 10, 2004

I have to stop spending money on money coming into my account should mean no money going out!

new toy? NO. buy gifts? NO. shopping? NO. Just say nooo monica.

I don't want someone to give me a job, i just want someone to give me money. Seriously though, i'd rather have someone be like "here is 20 thousand dollars, for your tuition THIS SEMESTER" in stead of "Come work for us, we'll pay yiou very little so you can do work and pretend youre making money....yaaaa be an intern!"

so, who wants to give me money?

In other news I am now involved in a major arguement with one of my professors in getting my grade changed. It seems i will soon be going to the head of the department or maybe oven the dean to get this settled. Bastard professor....why you gotta be like that?

lol....oh yes and this is a new male alternative to that pregnant nun halloween costume

go as a priest with a shotgun and a bag of money.

I don't want to be "the flavor of the week". I don't want to be taken for granted. I don't want to be just another girl....

i want to be more...

i guess thats the concern of the night.

and i must say this comic is not a comforting thought, no not at all.

Thursday, January 08, 2004

thanks to pamela and Jenny we now know what YVR stands for!!!
heres the explanation.

"When it comes to Canadian airports, for instance, the codes begin with a Y.

It's not that we were far down on the list, it's just that at the time, Y wasn't much used in codes worldwide, so Canadian aviation authorities chose it as a basis for creating uniform and distinctive nationwide codes.

Toronto is YYZ. Montreal Dorval is YUL. Vancouver is YVR, and Ottawa gets to be YOW. YOW! Ottawa International Airport from the sky. "

ok this post is for people who cannot remember my URL and search for my blog, i'm going to add in some key terms here so my site will come up on your searches like mofo blog, mofo's blog, monica, mofomon, USC.

BTW you guys have no idea how many people come to my blog because of the question about the vancouver airport... WHAT DOES YVR STAND FOR??? and i'm sorry but i have no idea and i ask you the same question, what does it stand for? can someone help us?

the second reason most people end up here is because of that Meril Bainbridge song, "Mouth". I have part of the lyrics posted here.

i'm amused....

You know what i have NEVER done? taken pictures in one of those miniphotobooth things that they have at malls and stuff....never...

here we gooooooooooooo

lets see yesterday i went to Chuck E Cheese! and then saw leo...

today i went up to big bear to go tubing it was lots of fun and i didnt wipe out at all.....but i got a sunburn on my face, its all good i look decent with red cheeks.

monday school starts up again, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. i like sleeping in and not doing homework. Plus its not like anyone there misses me or anything so, can't we just postpone the semester till like, next year?

does anyone know any good songs? i need some......
Comment it up.

Tuesday, January 06, 2004

2 words. toe socks.

Monday, January 05, 2004

robust bookw0rm: oh and on the way back home
robust bookw0rm: dumbass me
robust bookw0rm: i was driving with the brake on
MoNTaN85: and you DIDNT KNOW?
robust bookw0rm: i didnt even notice
robust bookw0rm: lol no!
robust bookw0rm: i was just driving and listening to my music

Sunday, January 04, 2004

Its been busy....

before new years i remember going out with ara, nairi and company, seeing pirates of the carribean and eating some really good buoreg...

new years day: slept in late, went to my grandmas, then when i got home i went to Nairi's, she had a bunch of ppl over...

Yesterday i went to the LA car show, then i went to mimi's for late night food and then i went to Mel's Diner with ara and company for even later food...which was way late food....

Today? Saw cheaper by the dozen (A-) then i went out to eat, then went to see Big Fish(A-) with lori, and we ended the night by trying to finish seeing About A Boy (A-) which we started like 4 months ago...

and now after all that im ready for bed, but first i want to listen to killing me softly....

Friday, January 02, 2004

2003 in wacky review?

here is I hope i DONT come home to when i go back to my apartment...